Matte Natural Wood Watch Box

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  • Model:   W-WSC08004
  • Major material:   
  • Size:   size: 110X110X83 mm price: US$3.95
Product Presentation

Wood with matte natural wood finishing,lid top pasted with cardboard wrapped with cotton flannel,inside wrapped with fine cotton flannel and a pillow.

size: 110X110X83 mm
price: US$3.95

Key Specification
1. Material: wood with matte natural wood finishing;
                 lid top pasted with cardboard wrapped with cotton flannel;
                 inside wrapped with fine cotton flannel;
                 a velvet-stuffed pillow

2. Usage: for holding watches.

Payment Terms  T/T 

Minimum Order  5000

Lead Time / Delivery Time  45 Day(s)

Sample Available  YES 

FOB Port  Shenzhen

Target Market(s)  Eastern Europe,  Japan & Korea,  Latin America,  Mainland China,  North America,  Northern Europe,  Western Europe 


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